QuickBooks bookkeeping for A medical training company in and around Montgomery County, MD and Washington, DC

Success Story #2

The Business
A medical training company that provides specialized training to doctor’s offices in a large metropolitan area.

The Challenge
The client came to us with several years behind in payroll tax filings. Some reports were incompletely filed, others not filed at all and employees were still waiting to receive their W-2 statements for the prior calendar year.

The Solution
Arrow Bookkeeping assigned an in-house payroll tax expert to this account to perform a thorough assessment of the payroll tax filings that were incomplete versus those that were not filed. From there an action plan was created to bring current all payroll tax filings and implement a procedure ensuring the accuracy and timely completion of all filings.

The Result
All past payroll tax filings were prepared, filed and the client received a refund of $11,000 for an overpayment of payroll taxes.


  • Knowledgeable, reliable payroll tax expertise
  • Payroll filings are 100% accurate and up-to-date