QuickBooks bookkeeping for Government Contractor in and around Montgomery County, MD and Washington, DC

Success Story #1

The Client
Government Contractor

The Business
Develops the next generation of service-based applications.

The Challenge
The client was unprepared for their impending DCAA audit. Being ready and passing this audit is the difference between keeping their government contract and losing it. Losing the government contract would have a major impact on their cash flow. Their financial database was not up-to-date and their books were not being closed on a monthly basis, which is a requirement of being able to pass a DCAA audit. In addition, there were extremely complicated processes in place for the billing, collecting and applying of several customer payments again having a major impact on being able to pass their DCAA audit.

The Solution
Since becoming an Arrow Bookkeeping client , we have brought their financial database up-to-date, closed their books on a monthly basis and simplified the extremely complicated process in place for billing, collecting and applying of customer payments. This client is now 100% DCAA audit compliant ready at a moment’s notice.

The Result
The client passed their DCAA audit with flying colors!


  • Knowledgeable, reliable bookkeeping
  • System to ensure accurate reporting to DCAA Government Audit requirements
  • Accurate financial statements upon which to make management decisions
  • Regular meetings with the business owners to discuss financial statements