Outsourced CFO/Controller

Outsourced CFO/Controller in and around Montgomery County, MD and Washington, DC

Beyond Bookkeeping: Outsourced CFO/Controller

There are times when your small business needs more accounting and financial advice than you can get from a bookkeeper or a tax preparer. That’s when CFO-level and controller-level services can come in handy.

You can’t afford to hire a full time controller, but luckily you can still get the high quality accounting services you need to help your company grow. We help companies with:

  • Financial Statement review
  • Analyze financials – Look at past trends and ways to increase GP margin and other key indicators using Finagraph
  • Strategy for net profit goals, GP and cost cutting
  • Forecasting – Planning and future performance
  • Recommendations for the streamlining of bookkeeping
  • Firm of the Future – Consult about Software options
  • Recommendations for internal control
  • Budgeting

CFO Services

  • Analyze financial statements to improve performance
  • Strategy for goal achievement
  • Focus on planning and future performance
  • Identify business risks and consult with making decisions regarding risks

Controller Services

  • Focus on Compliance and historical records
  • Manage accounting and record keeping of company
  • Manage software and information technologies
  • Internal Control

Complimentary Consultation

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